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Reinterpretation of Dick Higgins' Twenty-Six Mountains

Concert: 09 Jun 2023, PARAFORUM, Import Export, Munich Beni Brachtel & Dominik Lekavski will present a live set that reinterprets Dick Higgins’ score titled “Twenty-Six Mountains for Viewing the Sunset From (1981)”.

Fragments of sonic extinction 2023: OVERBREEDING

OVERBREEDING: Composition and liveperformance at ‘Fragments of sonic extinction 2023’ The natural soundscapes of our world become purer, but how about the sonic extinction within human habitats?

2LP Release: Amp Wall Monument Confrontation

Liveperformance: 12 June 2021, Boschbrücke, Munich, Vinyl release: Feb 2023 The project aimed to recontextualize the Otto-von-Bismarck monument at the Deutsches Museum by means of sound and performance.

SVS Collisions 22 Festival and Exhibition

EXHIBITION + FESTIVAL 19 – 24 July 2022, Muffatwerk The artist collective SVS (Selbstversorgersound) is delighted to announce the exhibition SVS COLLISIONS and the concurrent COLLISIONS festival.