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Gasteig HP8, Saal X, Beni Brachtel Group

Concert: Thu 22 Dec 2022, Saal X, Gasteig HP8

Composition for Piano, Violin, Viola, 2 Violoncelli and electronics.

From 2020-22 I did a Master in Composition at Hochschule für Musik und Theater Munich, HMTM. I really enjoyed getting back into music theory, instrumentation, notation and learned a lot from my Professor Jan Müller-Wieland and my student colleagues. This was my masters concert. I presented some works I did over that period with this crazy super group..:

Jean Pierre Collot (piano)

Clemens Huber (violin)

Christopher Zack (viola)

Johannes König (Violoncello)

Jakob Roters (Violoncello)

Beni Brachtel (Electronics, Spatialization)